Small Rustic Stool with DIY Hairpin Style Legs


Yay, it’s time for another round of projects for Knock Out Knock Offs! I recently teamed up with 5 amazing bloggers to bring you a fun series of knock off projects. Last month we all shared a knock off inspired project from West Elm, and this month we are bringing you project ideas from Zara Home.

You probably know by now that I love anything rustic and nature inspired, so I decided to knock off this awesome tree trunk small table. Isn’t it lovely? Especially with those hairpin legs! I love this little guy but the price tag of $189 is just a tad out of my budget.



I am super excited about this project because I couldn’t wait to share with you how I was able to create a small rustic stool with DIY hairpin style legs! Well, I actually refer to it as more of a stand then stool because I wouldn’t sit on it.

Did I mention there is no welding required?


I love hairpin legs and they are really popular right now, but they can be pretty pricey. By the way, have you seen my rustic industrial desk?

Although you may not want to use these DIY hairpin legs for a dining table or chair, it definitely works for a small plant stand like the one I made. It’s surprisingly sturdy too :)

I actually had everything I needed on hand, aside from the round wood so this table only cost me about $5, but otherwise the materials would have cost about $20 {assuming you have the tools/stain on hand}. Not too shabby, eh?

Here are the materials you will need:

{everything can be picked up at your local hardware store}

Edge Glued Wood Round

Belt Sander

1/4 Copper Soft Refrigeration Coil {I used 10 feet}

pipe cutter

measuring tape



Steel Hanger Tape

Black Spray Paint {optional}




When I originally purchased our Ryobi Belt Sander, I hadn’t anticipated using it to tear up wood. However, it definitely got the job done for this project! I wanted to create a live edge on the wood round and decided to use the belt sander like Kristen of The Hunted Interior did for her outdoor dining table {I just LOVE all of her projects!}. It was actually fun just going at the wood with the sander without a care in the world, and I’m still amazed at how well it worked!

After I had the edges about how I wanted them I stained the wood with some mission oak stain I had left over from my mason jar wall storage. Although the stain has polyurethane mixed in, I did add another coat of poly just to give it even more shine.

Once the top was stained and dry I started working on the DIY hairpin style legs. I contemplated for a while how I would make these work and then remembered I had picked up some refrigeration coil a couple months ago when I thought I could use it for DIY drawer pulls. I ended up going in a different direction, which you can see here, and actually meant to return the coil, whoops. I’m so happy I didn’t because it worked like a charm!  You can actually buy this soft copper coil in thicker widths but I decided to use what I already had.

This refrigeration coil is soft and fairly easy to bend. I’m really not that great at wire projects but think I did okay with this stuff, even though my legs weren’t perfect. The original table is just under 14″ high and mine came out to being 12″ high.



First I measured out how long I wanted each leg to be, marked it off with a marker and then used my pipe cutter to cut them into 4 separate pieces. I actually screwed up my first leg so I had to make the 4 legs a little shorter than I had originally anticipated. They were cut into 25″ pieces and were about 10″ when bent. To bend each leg I basically held the copper at both ends and slowly starting bending the ends towards the middle, moving my hands from the outside in and slowly bending the copper until I achieved the look I wanted.

After I had all 4 pieces cut and bent into the hairpin shape I marked off an inch from the top and then bent the copper using pliers. This may not have been the prettiest, but bending them all in the same place worked decent enough. This bent part will later be attached to the top of the stool using galvanized hanger tape.



Once the legs were all cut and bent to size I painted them using some leftover black spray paint. I actually mixed a little rust spray paint in there as well to try to give them an older, rustic look. You could keep them copper if you like, but I wanted this specific stool to be a bit more rustic and look more like the Zara Home table. After you paint them you may want to spray on a clear sealer.


Then I cut some of the galvanized tape and used 2 small pieces per leg as you can see in the photos below. We them added some screws into the smaller holes of the galvanized hanger tape to secure the legs in place.


That’s it! Here it is all finished:


I will have to update the photos once I have everything set up outside on our deck, but what do you think?


Later this week I will be sharing an even easier way to create a small rustic stand/planter that takes a lot less work and will only cost about $10!Update: See it here

Here is an updated photo of the plant stand being used in our Modern-Rustic Office Nook:



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    wow!! That tutorial was awesome! I have really been wanting to try to make somethings with hairpin legs and I think that this might just be the solution. Thank you so much for sharing!
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    I’ve been meaning to get over here and check this one out for a while now. Sorry it took me so long. This is A.MAZ.ING. I love how you did the faux live edge and the diy hairpin legs. Totally killer. And I really love that you bent the copper tubing with your hands. So smart, they diy hairpin legs had seemed too intimidating to me, but I love that you figured out a way to do it without crazy tools. So smart!
    Alexis @ Persia Lou recently posted…The Makers No. 22My Profile


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