DIY Holiday Placemat Pillows

This has to be one of the easiest ways to make holiday pillows. Seriously. I purchased some Christmas placemats at Target last year and after using coupons they were only $1 each!

However, I as soon as I unpacked them this year I knew they were meant to be something other than placemats… pillows! So today I am sharing how I made super easy DIY Holiday Placemat Pillows.


I am not much of a seamstress. I don’t own a sewing machine and the last time I used one I was in the 9th grade {a loooong time ago}. I don’t sew very often and am not that great at it, not that it keeps me from sewing things anyway, lol. In fact, I reupholstered our dining room chairs a couple years ago… by hand.

You can see part of them in my tablecloth curtains post or in the photo below. I hope to someday have a sewing machine and learn how to use one, but until then I don’t mind sewing a couple projects by hand especially if they are as easy as these placemat pillows :)


Anyway, my point is that this holiday pillow project requires such minimal sewing, and is sooooo easy that you could start this during a commercial break and be finished before your show is back on!

Here is what you will need:

  • Placemat – Make sure it’s the kind that is is already sewn together with 2 pieces. I used Target threshold brand which are regularly priced at $3.99 each
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pillow Stuffing

You should probably iron your placemats first, otherwise it will have lines all over it like mine did. Woops. Also, if your placemats are only made from one piece of fabric, no worries just follow the tutorial by Fotini of Glamorous Affordable Life.

Here is what my placemat looked like:


I decided to take the stuffing out of old old red sweater pillow I made a couple years ago {which I had new plans for}, but you could buy some at any fabric store.


The first thing I did was use a needle to unravel some of the threading holding the placemat together, but only unraveled about 3 inches or so. I decided to do this in the center of a side rather than a corner because I figured it would be less obvious that I sewed it up.


I then tied off the thread edges so it wouldn’t unravel and began putting in the pillow stuffing, making sure to push it around into the corners.


After I filled the pillow with stuffing I began to sew it shut. Since it was only about 3 inches it didn’t take too long either which was awesome. Talk about instant gratification!


That’s it! It was so easy and since I only had to sew a small section it looked professional and pretty.



In fact, this pillow was so easy I made a couple more and even picked up a different placemat at Target over the weekend.


I had a couple roughed up throw pillows I bought on clearance a few years ago and decided to use the feathers from inside one of them as the stuffing for this placemat pillow.

It was a bit messy to say the least.



But nothing a little vacuuming couldn’t fix :)

This is Eric’s new favorite pillow and I can’t believe it cost less than $4, or that the other pillows only cost me $1 each since I bought the placemats on sale. Not too shabby for some new holiday pillows that help spread Christmas cheer throughout our home.

What do you think?


placemat-pillows-side-view-upcycledtreasures    diy-holiday-placemat-pillows-upcycledtreasures

These would make great gifts, and of course you could always use placemats that could even stick around after the holiday season.

 What holiday projects have you been up to?

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