DIY Rustic Chic Save the Date


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Hi! I'm Katie :) I love all things creative and especially enjoy DIY home, craft and furniture projects as well as decorating with upcycled finds. You can also visit me over at for DIY wedding inspiration. Let's inspire one another and get creative!

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  1. They are so sweet. What a great idea. Good luck.

  2. Delvalina says:

    Wow! beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing. I would love to do this.
    I really love your blog.

  3. These are so very clever! Love them! Would also love if you would come by and share at Party In Polka Dots!

    Visiting from THE Pin It Party!

    Shelley recently posted…Father’s Day Printables!My Profile

  4. These are so cute! Did you mail them in the brown packaging or did you put it in a different envelop?

    Thanks for sharing this cute creations!
    Joanne recently posted…Pin-spiration Monday #15: Mod PodgeMy Profile

    • Hi Joanne! We will be mailing them off on Saturday, but yes I plan to mail them off in the kraft envelope. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Did they let you mail them off in your original envelope? Our carriers say the smallest they can be is 3.5×5 :( But I want to do a cute little square like yours… any tips or tricks would be helpful! Thank you

        • Chantelle says:

          Hi Mindy,

          Thought I would chime in since I had mailing issues too. I actually tried mailing the small squares despite what the postal office said about size and considering it a parcel, etc. – and indeed I got it right back saying it was too small to mail. I can tell they had tried though because there was some barcode remnants on the bottom of it.

          I ended up finding a larger, rectangular envelope template online that can be used with 8.5″ by 11″ size paper and just remade my cardstock envelopes with that. I mailed one last week as a test but I am still waiting for word on whether it got there ok before I send the others. It looks more like a traditional small envelope in terms of shape/size but since it’s on the cardstock with the nice address designs, and since I had a fancy return address stamp and cute tape to seal it, it still looks darn cute.

          Here’s a photo of mine. It looks kinda square still due to the perspective but it is more rectangle:

          • Thanks for the reply Chantelle.
            Yeah I went on a search for the smallest size allowed for USPS and came up short so I bought card stock and made individual 3×5 envelopes. Only to then go to the post office and have them tell me then, that it was to rigid to be considered a letter and was charged at the parcel rate…. Of course the person who first killed my dreams of the cute square envelopes couldn’t also break my news to me then…. So after much irritation and deliberation, I caved and sent them at the parcel rate…. it was that, or recreate the envelopes all over again… quick/easy/expensive won over irritated/material buying/recreating. Live and learn I suppose.

  5. This is adorable! Very crafty and unique.
    Lisa D recently posted…Sunscreen ChangesMy Profile

  6. Hey Katie,
    i love my Save The Date! I can’t wait to see it in the mail! Love You

  7. Beautiful! I am sure your guests will adore these and keep them around. Thanks for sharing.
    Sarah recently posted…2 Tone VaseMy Profile

    • Thank you Sarah, I certainly hope so :) When I was trying to perfect the lace vellum envelopes my fiance was like “they look fine and most people are going to throw them away anyway”. Well, “fine” isn’t good enough for my book and although I hope some people will hold on to them, I understand most people will throw them away. That’s okay though because at least I know I put love into each and every save the date I sent, and hopefully each guest will enjoy opening it up. Thanks for stopping by!
      Upcycled Treasures recently posted… 5 Inspiring Weekend ProjectsMy Profile

  8. they look awesome love this idea
    arod recently posted…On My Mind MondayMy Profile

  9. Oh those are just great Katie! How clever, unique and creative!! Sharing and Pinning!! Thanks so much for sharing on Project Inspire{d} :)
    Nancy @ Artsy Chicks Rule recently posted…“Guest Post Fun” Series ~ Meet Gwen from The Bold AbodeMy Profile

  10. I love these Katie! I have been using slices of wood for a lot of things lately, including magnets …unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it lol) I have no need for save the dates, but you make me wish I did! Anyway, they are lovely….I just wondered why you put them in the oven? I have been making Christmas ornaments out of wood slices for more years than I am willing to mention and I never once put them in the oven. What is the reason to bake them? Thanks! I look forward to seeing more of your wedding preparations! :)

    • Thank you Jackie! I had read somewhere that it can take years for wood to dry out and that placing small pieces in the oven {or even the microwave} can speed up the process. Although most of the pieces were dry, some were a tad damp so I figured I would just bake them all. I just updated this in my post so thank you for bringing up the questions. I LOVE wood slabs and rounds and think it’s awesome that you use them in your projects. I definitely want to use them in some future projects as well. Thanks for stopping by!
      Upcycled Treasures recently posted…DIY Wedding Signs Using Your PrinterMy Profile

  11. Chantelle says:

    I love this idea! One question though – what weight and dimensions of the vellum paper did you buy? I am looking online to do the same (and may also try my local craft store)..


    • Hi Chantelle! I purchased White Vellum Paper 29# from – they have several different types and weights available if you want to order online, but hopefully your local craft store has it in stock as well :)

      • Chantelle says:

        Thanks Katie! One more thing . . . the vellum paper I bought is 8 1/2″ by 11″. Not sure if that was the same size you used, but I saw in the pictures that you marked off some margins on yours. Are those markings just 1″ off of the top and left side of the paper to get the sizing for the envelopes correct?

        • Hi Chantelle, I was able to cut each sheet of paper into {2} 3.75 x 7.5 sheets so that the envelopes would be 3.75 x 3.75 when folded in half. So I basically placed marks where I needed to cut the paper and then had a little bit of scrap paper left over. Hope this makes sense :)
          Upcycled Treasures recently posted…Front Door Halloween DecorMy Profile

          • Chantelle says:

            Ahh ok! Yes, perfect sense – I didn’t understand the dimensions before folding so that helps (I’m obviously too brain fried to do simple math and logic, lol). Thanks :)

          • Chantelle says:

            Me again! I’m starting to actually make mine so I have some logistics questions..

            Do you happen to remember how big the postage was? I want to make sure I leave enough space on the front of my craft envelope (unless you put yours on the back?) And where did you place the recipient’s address?

          • Chantelle says:

            Doh….I just realized, the addresses you put on the front ARE the recipient’s addresses. So, in that case, I assume you didn’t put your return address anywhere?

            Sorry..I am obviously over-thinking this.

          • Yeah we didn’t put our address on them, but you could always put them on the back if you wanted :)
            Upcycled Treasures recently posted…25 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume IdeasMy Profile

          • Oh yeah and I can’t remember exactly how big the postage stamps were but I had placed the addresses about in the middle of the envelope and the stamps fit perfectly.
            Upcycled Treasures recently posted…25 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume IdeasMy Profile

  12. Did you use cardstock or paper to make the petal envelope?

  13. Hi,

    So I used your idea and our Save the Dates look beautiful. One problem though…when we went to mail them, we were told the envelopes were too small and they wouldn’t take them! Did you encounter this problem?

    • Hi Patrice! I think it’s awesome that you used the save the date idea but am so sorry about your issue at the post office. We definitely did not encounter any kind of problem. I actually used the self-stamp machine and specified that the envelopes were square which did make the postage a little more but everyone received their save the date no problem. I have never heard of envelopes being too small!?!? That’s so weird and sounds kinda ridiculous if you ask me. Have you tried a different post office?
      Upcycled Treasures recently posted…Project Spotlight: Fall Rake WreathMy Profile

  14. Oh my word. These are SOOOO adorable. You really went all out and your hard work shows! I just love everything wedding and am so excited to read more of your wedding posts :)

  15. Such a cute idea! What size magnet did you use? I want to make these but scared that the magnet won’t hold the wood slices up…

    • Hi Heather! I can’t remember the exact size but they were basically the size of pennies, and we still have our save the date on our fridge so the magnets worked great!

      • great post.. you inspire me to be more crafty and allow me to feel as if i know what i am doing. your blog is awesome… i do want to try doing something like this for an coming party.. one question though, about how big are your wood slices? and where did you purchase your magnets…

  16. great website!!!! about what size are the wood slices and do you remeber where you purchased your magnets….

  17. Do you know what they used to slice them?

    • Hi Lex,

      Thought I would help answer this since we have been making these for our wedding. We did our own wood slicing and my fiance used a table saw. That way he was able to have a little more control over the thickness and it also made the process a little faster, vs. using a circular saw or some other saw by hand.

    • Hi Lex!

      We started out using a hand saw because that’s all we had, and boy was that rough! It worked, but was definitely more time consuming. We had sliced about half of them when my dad reminded me that he had a compound miter saw. So while we were out of state visiting him, he sliced up the rest of the wood in about 10-15 minutes. The first half had taken Eric days to do, lol. I’m excited to say he bought us one for our wedding registry and it’s an awesome tool!
      Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks Chantelle!
      Upcycled Treasures recently posted…Driftwood Buffet via The Weathered DoorMy Profile

  18. This is sooooo perfect for what I’m looking for! What average size are the log rounds?

  19. I absolutely love you invitation and save the dates! Where did you find those arrows?

  20. Hi, i was just wondering what are the measurement of the stamp you used, also the slices of wood. I’m going to order a stamp but I’m not sure what size to ask for!

    • Chantelle says:

      Hey Lisa – if you were wondering about the size of the stamps on the wood, I actually just found the wood first, gave the measurements to the person who was making the custom stamp for me, and they created a proof that would fit on the wood slices for me to approve.

      I think mine ended up being a little under 1.5″ height and width (with the width being a bit smaller due to the shape of the stamp/wood), since most of my wood slices were about 1.5″ maximum long.

      I also had the same issue with the “bowing” of the wood slices and some cracking. Both were tolerable on the thicker slices but for thinner slices these effects were more prominent and I had to scrap a handful. I’m sure some of this also depends on the type of wood.

      Also, even after baking make sure you keep them in open air – I made the mistake of storing mine in a baggie until I ordered my stamp, and some of the moisture must have still been present because when I took them out again they had started growing mold! EEK!

  21. also, why do i need to dry out the wood? or how can i tell if its dried out. I started baking mine, and some of them started cracking and sinking inward.. I need help. Haha.

    • Hi Lisa!

      I put the wood in the oven because it dries it out and also kills any critters that may be in there {eeeew I know!}. You should be good with keeping it on warm for 20-30 minutes. There have been a couple times I forgot about the slices and the wood started to bow {I have left some in there for nearly an hour before} but it depends on how long you leave them in there and how thin the slices are. How long did you leave yours in the oven and at what temperature? Ovens vary so I would make sure you have it on the lowest setting and maybe only leave them in there for 10 minutes if the 20 was too long. I’m guessing you already have your slices, but if you are still having issues you can always buy the pre-sliced pieces from Michael’s. Of course it’s cheaper if you can find the wood, slice it and bake it yourself :)

      As for the stamps, we just went to the self service area and had to weigh the envelopes out first, plus the postage was extra because they were square. I mentioned at the bottom of this post that the stamps were $0.66 each but you may want to go to the post office to see how much yours would cost {the weight of the slices may vary} before you order your stamps just to be on the safe side.

      Hope this helps :)
      Upcycled Treasures recently posted…FREE Chalkboard Printable My Profile

  22. Chantelle says:

    Thought I would share my post office experience too – I just went to try and mail them, but I wasn’t able to use the self-service stamp thing because it wouldn’t let me do one at a time (the minimum purchase was $1.00 and mine were coming out to about .70 cents each). Not sure if you put them all on at once and just printed the stamps that way?

    I went to the counter to see if they could help, and that’s when they told me mine would be considered a small parcel too, which I knew would probably happen if I went to them. So then the price went up to $2.63 per envelope! And before agreeing to give stamps, they were saying they would have to slap a parcel sticker on it, which would basically cover 3/4 of the front. THEN they gave me a hard time about not having the return address (one person just wanted me to realize it wouldn’t get sent back to me if the destination address fell through – duh – but then another told me they weren’t even supposed to send them at all if it didn’t have a return on it).

    I ended up just buying like $50 in stamps after they calculated it (I have more envelopes than that but we are hand-delivering many, thank goodness) and I’m thinking I may ignore the return address thing. I wouldn’t mind trying to put the return address on, but they are already folded AND I did stamp it on the inside flaps for the people who do receive it, which I don’t think I’ll have a problem with.

    • Lovely idea!! Wondering where you got the custom stamp, the link seems to be broken.
      Love it!

    • Geez! That’s terrible Chantelle and I am so sorry! I just updated the top of my post so other brides can be aware of that and I appreciate you sharing your experience. Good thing you can hand deliver most of them but still, what a headache! I was able to enter the exact amount of the stamp from the machine, but I think we could only print 10 at a time but since we only needed 50 it wasn’t too annoying. I had no idea you also had to have a return address on the envelope – ours didn’t have any issues – but I guess it could always be written on the back flaps of the envelope to be safe. That’s what we did for our invites.
      Upcycled Treasures recently posted…FREE 4×6 Valentine Card PrintableMy Profile

      • No problem! Im sure the experience varies by locale too and you couldn’t possibly account for all that. I dont think the return address is as big a deal as they made it but I did manage to stamp it over the back flaps. And I am deciding to only use $1 postage on each since I think that should more than cover the weight and I know they are thin enough to go through as an envelope vs parcel. We’ll see how it goes with the 20 or so I need to mail. Either way, I know I saved money making them myself and I love them to death :)

  23. Hey Katie,

    I totally love this idea and I am planning to use it for my rustic themed wedding this year :)



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