Weekend DIY Inspiration {Girlfriend’s DIY}


Welcome to Weekend DIY Inspiration, Girlfriend's DIY week 3! Here you get four fabulous DIY projects from my Upcycling friends, and plenty of inspiration for the weekend! Becky at Beyond the Picket Fence shared this beautiful cross made from Pallet wood and reclaimed wood. Becky always includes easy directions, you could make one yourself before Easter Sunday! Tami from Curb Alert shares this blow you away with its awesomeness Outdoor Chandelier! She is growing plants in … [Read more...]

The Makers Link Party


Welcome to week 13 of The Makers! Did you enjoy your weekend or work on any fun projects? I have a laundry list of things to do but can't wait to show you some more office updates later this week! I have also been working away on my new wedding blog, designing invitations, and dealing with quite a bit of technical issues. Fun stuff. I am actually really excited about the "Real Weddings" Section I will be starting up within the next week, especially because some fantastical bloggers are going … [Read more...]

Upcycle it! Weekend Project Inspiration


Happy Friday! Do you have plans for the weekend? I still have a lot of posts to transfer over to my new wedding website, a Handcrafted Wedding and then have a loooooong list of projects I'd love to tackle! In fact, this week has been so crazy busy that I can't believe I still haven't stained my new AMAZING office storage that the hubs recently built for me. Isn't he awesome?  You may have seen that photo posted on my instagram last week. It's based off the plans for a Wisteria console … [Read more...]

Update an Old Frame Using Gold Rub’n Buff


  If you are looking to update some old or thrifted frames, why not use Rub'n Buff? I found an old silver frame {that still had a high school glamour shot photo inside, yikes!} and decided it was the perfect size to use on my office gallery wall. The photo inside and the silver color of the frame wasn't exactly what I was looking for so I decided to try my first attempt at using Rub'n Buff. I've seen several posts on this stuff talking about how easy it is to use, and that's no lie. This … [Read more...]

The Makers Link Party


Welcome to Week 12 of The Makers Link Party! I have been sick the past few days but on the plus side I am doing better today. I thought it was just allergies so I kept trying to push through but that just made it worse. Apparently my blog hasn't been feeling well either because every time I tried to update it, there were "internal server errors". Fun stuff. The past few days feel like a blur, but the one thing I do remember is Game of Thrones. Yes, I made myself get up to watch that show … [Read more...]

Master Bathroom Master Plan {Guest Post}


Today's post comes from Sue Jason of My-Bathrooms Blog and she is sharing some great tips on how to design your master bathroom! Enjoy! <<<<>>>> Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a blogger at My-bathrooms blog. I have a passion for sharing ideas which include home improvement and decor. You may follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.  Master Bathroom Master Plan Source The very words ‘master bathroom’ speak volumes about a home, offering luxury, … [Read more...]

Get your Upcycle On


Happy Friday! I have been enjoying the warm weather here in Georgia but the allergies are soooo awful! I never even had allergies until I moved here a few years ago but this has to be the worst year yet. I switched to Zyrtec this morning and am hoping it makes the dizziness go away soon. If you know of any great allergy tips I'd LOVE to hear about them in the comments! As for now, allergies may just be one of the top reasons for us to move back to California... Also, if you received my … [Read more...]

The Makers Link Party


Welcome to week 11 of The Makers Link Party! I hope you had a great weekend and I can't see what projects you have been working on. You may already know that I have been planning on having a separate wedding blog and keeping Upcycled Treasures focused more on home decor, projects and crafts. I actually bought the domain name back in July but priorities kept shifting and it just got put on the back burner. Well I gave myself a new deadline so if all goes according to plan my wedding posts will … [Read more...]

How to Make a Birch Branch Jewelry Box

How to Make a Birch Branch Jewelry Box -

Sometimes the fun and messy world of creative projects means needing to remove my wedding ring. In fact I once left my ring on underneath my gloves while staining some wood, but when I went to clean the brush I was no longer wearing the gloves, and the stain sorta dripped down onto my ring. Yikes! I nearly had a heart attack, but luckily it was nothing a little vinegar and a baking soda couldn't fix up. I wanted a special place to store my rings and being that I'm all about rustic decor, I … [Read more...]

Create DIY Wall Art Using Waterlogue


Have you waterlogued yet? Is that even a word? In case you don't know, Waterlogue is a phone app that creates a watercolor effect from digital photos.  I was so close to buying the app a few weeks ago but decided against spending the $3. I told you I am cheap  frugal, haha. I finally gave in a few days ago and it was sooooo worth it! Which is why today I am sharing how to create DIY wall art using Waterlogue. I originally planned to use the app on a giraffe drawing I made 6 years ago, and … [Read more...]

The Makers Link Party

see what fellow DIYers have been up to, discover new blogs, mingle with fellow bloggers and be inspired!

Welcome to week 10 of The Makers Link Party! If you are new here, I'm so happy you stopped by and remember that you don't have to be a blogger to enjoy the party either. A link party is essentially a page where bloggers can link up their creative ideas via a thumbnail image and a link back to their blog post. This allows other bloggers AND readers that visit the page the opportunity to see what fellow DIYers have been up to, discover new blogs, mingle with fellow bloggers and be inspired! You … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Use Moss in Spring Decor


I am a fan of moss, it's earthy, romantic and a great way to add a touch of green into your home decor. In fact, despite moss being associated with spring I used many moss accents in our fall wedding. Yup I'm a rebel like that. Today I am sharing 10 Ways to use moss in Spring decor. Enjoy! 1. Moss Filled Ampersand Centerpiece via Delineate Your Dwelling 2. DIY Moss Vase via Upcycled Treasures 3.  Spring Moss & Glitter Banner via A Diamond in the Stuff 4. Moss Spring Wreath … [Read more...]

Whimsical Faux Fur Office Chair Makeover

Whimsical Faux Fur Office Chair Makeover -

Do you love your office chair? I mean does it make you all giddy when you see it and difficult for you to want to get up? Mine definitely hasn't always been that way, but I can honestly say it does now! That's why today I am sharing my whimsical faux fur office chair makeover! I bought this chair a few years ago when I wanted something neutral so it would go with anything. I also tend to go with microsuede fabrics since that seems to be the most pet friendly when it comes to scratches and … [Read more...]

The Makers Link Party


It's time for The Makers Link Party! Thank you for inspiring us and I can't wait to see what you link up this week. Last week just blew me away! Now let's get this party started! Don't forget to follow your hosts in some way and please pin from the original source :)   Corey @ TinySidekick blog || pinterest || facebook || twitter || google + || bloglovin' Alexis @ Persia Lou blog || pinterest || facebook || twitter || google + || bloglovin' Katie @ Upcycled … [Read more...]

DIY Gilded Wood Shim Wall Art


I am a fan of using wood shims in projects and today I am sharing how to create DIY gilded wood shim wall art. I made some wood shim art about a year ago and have been itching to make another for quite some time. As you may already know I plan on creating a gallery wall in my office/studio but need more art to add to the mix. My budget is quite limited so I decided to DIY some wall art using materials I already had on hand. Not only is this project super easy but it can also be … [Read more...]